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This is from the first old guy from the first email 
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Isidoros did this first one. 
old man (Dimitris Karelos, if i’m not mistaken)
- Born here, raised here
- Has studied religious painting (idk what the English term is, basically painting of religious imagery — makes total sense). Painting is his hobby now
- Member of the Volunteer Assoc.
- 40 years of working in Xalivourgiki (now-defunct local Steel Factory), started working in 1965 til retirement 
- When he started, it was difficult working at the steel factory because there was no technical knowledge of how things needed to be done. There was a lot of noise, a lot of dust, and a lot of heat. Who was an electrician he wasn’t always needed in those aforementioned spaces, however the working conditions, for the workers who had to have their full eight hour shift there, were really bad.
- He had a really adamant stands on the energy of Elefsina question, claiming that the energy of Elefsina is and has always been incredibly good, despite the factories all around. The factories were both a blessing and a curse, because they gave jobs to people around the area and help develop the city, despite causing environmental and health problems.
- He even swims at the beach of Elefsina. He also hasn’t sensed any major car pollution, 
- About 2 mins of these videos is him doing promo of his wife’s “jewelery line” which he also helps create
- he insists that we coin as Elefsina‘s mythology is not mythology but history because it’s all around us and evident to anyone who visits the town. He is also confident that he knows Elefsina‘s history so well that he can give a tour of the archaeological site to anyone and he is proud of the town’s heritage.
- If he left Elefsina, the thing he would miss would be how life is there
- He remains very close w/ his friends from the factory to this day
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